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Tackling the Time Change- Fall Back

Oh no! It’s almost time to fall back! But wait, this means an extra hour of sleep right? Likely not if you have kids! They have no clue the time changed. So what the heck are you supposed to do? Let’s look at a few ways to tackle the time change.

Daylight savings ends Sunday November 6 at 2am and the clocks fall back an hour.

Option 1: Do nothing! Really? Yep! You don‘t have to make any big changes if you don’t want to and it works for your schedule. Especially if you have a newborn who isn’t on much of a schedule yet, or a toddler who is a little more easily adaptable, this may be the easiest (and least stressful!) option. This is the option that has worked for us so far and then just adjusting as needed after the time change! That’s what we plan on doing again this year.

Option 2: Gradually shift your schedule. This may work best if your baby is around 4-18 months old and taking multiple naps per day. This strategy might also work well if you have a sensitive little one.

How it works: 5-7 days before the time change, move bedtime later in 15 minute increments every couple of days leading up to Sunday.

Option 3: The oh sh*t method if you totally forgot about the time change! This is for those of you who suddenly need to move your schedule quickly and for toddlers and older children.

How it works: shift your schedule a little later by about 20-30 minutes for a day or two right before or after the time change.

Long gone are the days of an extra hour of sleep with the time change! Unless your little one happens to get the memo! Do you have a plan for tackling the time change?

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