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Sleep During the Holidays

The holidays are here and you might be wondering how to handle your little one’s sleep. It can be challenging to make sure they get the sleep they need without missing out on all the fun festivities! There are a few ways you can go about handling sleep during this time. My biggest tip is to remain flexible and try your best to stay calm. Your little one won’t be able to relax into sleep if you’re both stressed out. It’s also ok to take a minute for you guys and sneak away to a quite room to feed them or rock them to sleep. The holidays can be a lot for everyone! And remember, your opinion is the only one that matters for your little one, so disregard all the unnecessary comments about your baby’s sleep! It is also always ok to set boundaries and stick to them.

Tip #1: Sneak in an extra nap before the fun begins. If you have some time before your gathering, try to sneak in a quick contact or motion nap. Or you may even have baby nap in the car during your drive if you have a longer trip. This will hopefully ensure a less cranky baby and no one missing out on the fun!

Tip #2: Know that baby may need an extra nap for the day. Your little one may very well need an extra nap for the day, especially if you have a lot going on. They may be a little extra tired or overstimulated, or taking shorter naps due to the festivities. Adding in an extra cat nap will help balance this out and let them get the sleep they need!

Tip #3: Realize that bedtime may get thrown off a bit. Bedtime may need to move up or back a little based on daytime sleep. If your little one has taken short naps or skipped a nap, they may need a slightly earlier bedtime. If they had an extra little cat nap later in the day, they may need bedtime to be a little later to build up some more sleep pressure. It may also take just a little longer to get baby to wind down and fall asleep. That’s ok!

The holidays can be stressful on everyone, so try your best to be flexible and know that baby may need a little extra support or comfort from you during this time. They may do best with a contact or motion nap. Enjoy this time and soak it all in. It’s only for a few days and sleep will go back to how it was!

Happy Holidays!

Brittney Dugger

Little Bean Sleep

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