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Gift Ideas for Toddlers

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! Watching this season through my son's eyes is so so special. If you're still looking for gift ideas for the toddler in your life I've got you covered! These are a few things we either got for Easton or that we already have and love.

Gift Ideas:

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper- Easton loves to be involved in everything we do so this will allow him to be more involved in the kitchen for years to come!

Toniebox- this little speaker box tells a story or sings a song when a character is placed on top. And there are so many characters to choose from! Easton has already played with it some and he loves it! I do too!

Toy Vacuum- Easton is obsessed with our vacuum so I got him a little one that supposedly actually sucks things up!

Lovevery Play Kit- we have gotten the play kits since last Christmas and love them! They allow you to change things up and provide developmental toys for your child's age. We just got the 16-18 months play kit and will include most of it as Christmas presents. I also like to rotate the toys every week or two to keep him interested!

Indestructibles Books- if your little one is a book chewer like mine then you need these! They're chew and tear proof so I got a few for Easton's stocking!

Nugget Couch- we actually got this for Easton last Christmas and have used it all year! He loves climbing all over it and you can make so many different structures out of it. It's great for so many ages!

Music Set- Easton has been going to music classes for a couple of months now and he loves it! So I got him this little music set to have at home!

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas! These gifts are also great for any birthdays coming up! I hope you have the best holidays with your family❤️

Brittney Dugger

Little Bean Sleep

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