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Sleepy Little Bean Newborn Course (0-4 Months)

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Expecting or just welcomed a new little one? Congratulations! This course will help prepare you for all things baby and postpartum. What’s Included: Module 1: Preparing for Baby Setting up your sleep environment, safe sleep, babywearing, preparing older siblings, ditching the stress around sleep, and a few baby and postpartum favorites Module 2: The Science of Normal Newborn Sleep How babies attach, sleep totals, wake windows, starting a routine, how temperament impact sleep, all about naps, sleepy cues, swaddling, and red flags Module 3: How do Feedings Play into Sleep? The benefits of breastfeeding, hunger cues, cluster feeding, night wakings and feeds, oral tie self-screening tool Module 4: The 4 Months Sleep Progression What is a sleep progression, what happens at 4 months, strategies to try, how to cope Module 5: Caring for You! Getting your partner involved, leaning on your village, mental health resources, baby blues, PPD screening tool, self-care ideas Bonus! Returning to Work Strategies to help ease the transition for both you and your little one Favorite Parenting Books A beautiful, 48 page guidebook with all of your written information in one, easy to access spot. Because I know you’ve got your hands full! If you’re ready to learn more about normal newborn sleep and development with strategies based in fact and research, and truly enjoy this time with your little one without the added stress of sleep, then let’s dive in!

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