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I have loved getting to work with Brittney. Social media can be very overwhelming at times and as a first time mom, I was trying to make sure I’m doing all the “right” things. But when it comes to sleep for my baby I just didn’t want to adhere to all the voices telling me how I should get my baby to sleep. With the help of Brittney we were able to get my son’s sleep where it worked for us. She did a great job understanding my family duo and coached us on things to try. My favorite part was she emphasized to only do what you are comfortable with. That is huge and takes off a lot of the burden that a new mom can feel. She is so knowledgeable on all things sleep and breastfeeding. I would recommend working with her to get your personalized help!


Brittney gave us very easy to follow suggestions to help our 21 month old get better sleep. She validated my current practices and feelings and never made me feel pressured to do anything that did not feel right. We went at our own pace and made supported decisions with her help and I could not be more thankful! We went from up every two hours to solid, comfortable, stress free sleep from 8pm - 7am! I never felt uncomfortable and there were honestly no tears from ME or my little. I would recommend Brittney and her practice to anyone struggling to find peaceful, supported toddler sleep!!




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