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Hi! I’m Brittney Dugger and I’m a registered nurse with over three years of NICU experience, Certified Baby-Led Sleep and Well-Being Specialist, and Certified Breastfeeding Counselor. I live in Indiana with my husband and my one year old son. When I had my son, I thought sleep training was the only option and stressed myself out trying to stick to wake windows and schedules. I realized that wasn’t realistic and decided to learn more about normal baby sleep and development. Tuning out the sleep training noise and tuning in to my instincts was the best thing I ever did for the relationship with my son. I now hope to pass this information along to other parents so they can fully enjoy these years with their little one!


The Baby-Led Process

The Baby-Led Sleep and Well-Being Process promotes attachment, love, and leaning into your own intuition. It does not support any sort of sleep training or cry it out methods. These methods can be harmful to attachment and simply are not effective with the way we know babies develop. Temperament is a huge factor in how your little one will need supported. My process takes this into account, as well as looking at the entire picture of sleep including: daytime sleep, overall sleep needs, feedings, sleep environment, development, and so much more. This allows me to see all of the factors that may be impacting sleep, and make changes as needed. These changes always support both you and your little one and I will always encourage you to listen to your own instincts during this process! I am simply here to point out where changes may be beneficial and help guide you along the process.


Sleepy Little Bean

Newborn Course

Expecting or just welcomed a new little one? Congratulations! This course will help prepare you for all things newborn sleep, normal development, and postpartum.

My Services

I have loved getting to work with Brittney. Social media can be very overwhelming at times and as a first time mom, I was trying to make sure I’m doing all the “right” things. But when it comes to sleep for my baby I just didn’t want to adhere to all the voices telling me how I should get my baby to sleep. With the help of Brittney we were able to get my son’s sleep where it worked for us. She did a great job understanding my family duo and coached us on things to try. My favorite part was she emphasized to only do what you are comfortable with. That is huge and takes off a lot of the burden that a new mom can feel. She is so knowledgeable on all things sleep and breastfeeding. I would recommend working with her to get your personalized help!



Indianapolis, IN

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